Institute Policies and Proceedures

Please read the policies and proceedures listed here before signing up for a class at the Institute for Extreme Journalism

-You may sign up at any time to become a member of the Institute for Extreme Journalism's NING network presented by me, Juliana Coles.

-Nothing is automated here- I do it all manually. So please give me some time- I am not checking email 24/7. If you make a payment on Friday - Sun., I will not get to it until Monday. Please be patient!

-Course Enrollment: To officially enroll in any online course at the Institute, you must first become a member of this Ning Network. Please sign up, or sign in. Once you have signed in, you may click on the desired course or course description, scroll down through the description, and make your payment through paypal (Before payment, please read Institute Policies and Info).

-Attention: Once payment has been received for your "group" or workshop, you will be sent an email invitation via the email address that appears on your paypal invoice (so please make sure all your information is correct).  This email invitation will include links that give you full access to all class content, including video, audio, and downloadable PDF files. There is a possibility that your invitation letter may get sent to your junkmail folder, so please check there as well. If you encounter any enrollment issues, email me at and include your pay pal invoice number.

-Most online workshops at The Institute will be offered on a quarterly basis, and registration will be open for any time during that quarter. All workshop materials are downloadable during that period. At the end of each quarter, your enrollment in that particular workshop and tribal council expires, and course materials will no longer be available. Your posse membership at the Institute (or Ning Network) will be ongoing. Feel free to visit often for new journaling information, class listings, cool artwork, and free videos.

-A high speed internet connection as well as a fast computer is desirable to download course content, audio, and to view video files.

-All course content is copyrighted by Me and Pete Productions. Unauthorized use of any content constitutes unlawful, unkind, and unethical use of my soul child, as well as serious copyright infringement that will be extremely damaging to your Karma and constitute grounds for expulsion from the Institute, as well as ridicule in the tribal council.

-Please plan your course of study with intention, and carefully read all workshop descriptions to make sure this type of study is for you. No Refunds will be given after you have received your password to download files pertaining to any workshop. Before hitting that paypal button, please read these "Institute Policies and Info" and check out the FAQs page. Here you will find answers to questions, terms and agreements for registration and use, as well as general guidelines and helpful hints for course sign up and workings to get the very best from your online workshop experience!

Welcome, to the Revolution

All content copyright Me and Pete Productions, 2017

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